These soft creamy lipsticks deliver rich, delicious color.
The antioxidants in the formula soften and protect.
The color won't fade or feather.

Frozen Blueberry
A rich creamy deep blue lipstick ..
Amp Up Matte
Amp up the party with this neon white light blue based pink..
Bitchy Matte
A deep purple matte lipstick ..
Black Widow Matte
Black matte lipstick..
Cherry Jubilee Matte
Berry matte lipstick..
Chocolate Cake Matte
Brown matte lipstick. Who could resist a nice kiss of chocolate cake..
Lemon Drop
A sunny bright yellow lipstick..
A nude creamy smooth long lasting formula for beautiful lips...
A black matte lipstick meant for the daringly bold..
A silver toned lipstick..
Orange Crush
Bright pinky orange with gold shimmer Use with matching lip liner: Poppy..
Orange Mood Lipstick
Want to know your mood??This orange mood lipstick shifts to a peachy tint once applied to lips..
A cute plummy berry hippieUse with matching lip liner Cabernet..
A creamy red lipstickUse with rubis lip liner..
Crystalized deep emerald greenUse with matching lip liner: Emerald..
A dark indigo blue with purple crystalsUse with matching lip liner: Midnight blue..
The perfect crystalized smooth green lipstick..
Yellow Mood Lipstick
Want to show your mood??This yellow mood lipstick shifts to a light pink tint once applied to lips...
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