Cream Illuminator

Highly pigmented illuminating highlight

Formulated for long lasting wear

Comes in cute 15ml airless pump bottle

Packed with vitamin e & jojoba oil

10K Cream
A gold illuminator meant for the God's. Also available in powderAvailable in a 5ml vial with do..
Bella Rose Cream
A rose colored highlight. Available in a 5ml vial with doe foot applicatorParaben & Cruelty..
Dragon Blood Cream
I imagine this is what Dragons blood would look like if they were only real..Available in powderAvai..
Unicorn Tears Cream
Purplish pink blue highlighter. If unicorns were real I really think this is how their tears would l..
Cotton Candy Cream
Light angel pink highlighter in cream formulationAlso available in pressed powderAvailable in a 5ml ..
Pink Lemonade Cream
A duo chrome pink & gold illuminator in a moisturizing cream formulationAlso available in presse..
Zion Cream
A bronze cream formulated illuminator that will guarantee a instant glo up!!Beauty tip: Can also be ..
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