Makeup & Beauty.. Reinvented

When 2016 hit I knew this was the year I would become an entrepreneur. It wasn’t hard to decide upon what industry I wanted to enter. After some statistical research showing that online makeup sales were $301 billion in 2014and estimated to increase 17% by 2019 and then add in my love and passion for a beautiful lip color, I decided to open my own online makeup and beauty store. “QueensLyfe Cosmetics”, and it has become my new baby; it has breathed new life back into me. It was created for men and women alike with the intentions to embrace, inspire, and empower people to live life to its fullest all while looking beautiful doing it.

Since joining the online makeup shopping clique there was much research to do. Just opening an online makeup store and stocking it with trending matte lipstick, long lasting lip colors, or even the new hyped up blue lipsticks were not going to get me the sales or clientele I expected. I had to really dwell into this online makeup and beauty industry and learn as much as I can. I have read and sampled so many different lipstick brands; lipstick shades and even lip glosses, that I feel like I am stalking my competitors or lack of a better word I am learning the online makeup and beauty game from them. With online makeup and beauty shopping on the rise there is so much competition out there. There are the excellent reputation companies and then there are the small online makeup and beauty stores, of course this is the category I fall into (for the time being hopefully). The small companies will be my biggest competition as their mindset and target marketing goals are the same as mines. When people shop they all pretty much want the same thing,a good deal, a speedy uncomplicated process and of course a good quality product. This is what majority of online makeup and beauty stores offer.

So what will set me apart from the rest? It came to me like an epiphany, it may sound cliche, but I really do love what I do. And I want to make others feel good, particularly the unrecognized male customer base that contributes to makeup sales. All we ever see on television commercials are woman promoting the cosmetic brands. Why can’t we publicly have men promoting our brands as well? We need to put aside all the prejudice and bias behaviors and let them shine as well. They truly deserve it. There are a few YouTube makeup vloggers that I follow and they create some beautiful work when you put a makeup product in their hand. Two of my favorites are MannyMUA and Patrickstarrr, please check them out on all the social media platforms they are awesome. With my belief that makeup is one size fits all, hopefully I can get some awareness out there and be the 1st to have a male publicly represent my products. I think that would be awesome. So help me as I try to reinvent the wheel LOL. The support of my current and future customers are greatly needed and appreciated and together we can accomplish great things. Remember I created this line to embrace, inspire and empower others